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Campaign Management

Red Horse Strategies knows campaigns. From smaller local races to statewide battles, we know how to start campaigns, how to improve campaigns, how to keep them nimble and most importantly, how to win. Our approach is hands-on: we don't just fly in to town on special occasions or for the victory party. We are embedded in all our campaigns, overseeing the planning and management, paying attention to the details and getting our hands dirty.

As your consultants, we work with you to develop your campaign plan, budget and message, then stay a part of your team to make sure it is executed properly. We are your partner in honing your skills, building your team and guiding your decision-making. At RHS, the reason we want to be deeply involved in your campaign's operation is that we know from experience that close races are won or lost based on the strength of the plan, the skill of the execution and the nimbleness of the response to changing situations.

Your win is as important to us as it is to you, so we make sure that it is managed smartly, efficiently and effectively.