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Field & Grassroots Organizing

Far too many political professionals assume that "Field Operations" begin and end with a canvass, either paid or volunteer. And while canvasses are a critical field tool, modern field campaigns involve many more elements, and are far more sophisticated and effective than a simple canvass. At Red Horse Strategies, we design and oversee multi-tiered field operations that integrate door-to-door work with aggressive data capture, phone programs, follow up letters, candidate appearance, house parties, community meetings and other forms of public outreach.

More importantly, we understand that messages delivered via field efforts are just as critical to the overall campaign messaging strategy as mail, television and radio. Every door knocked, phone number dialed and Dear Neighbor letter sent needs to reflect the campaign's message at that point in the campaign for the particular voter being reached. We build our field campaigns to be in full synchronicity with the larger campaign effort, generating a multiplier effect in the impact of each element of outreach. This allows us to bring people together around an issue or a candidate or a program with maximum speed and efficiency.