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Our Philosophy

Red Horse Strategies has been able to deliver significant wins for our clients by sticking to our fundamental guiding philosophy: We believe that campaigns are won when consultants are fully engaged, hands-on members of the team.

Unlike far too many other firms, we don't just fly into town for special occasions, listen in on conference calls or show up on election night to grab all the glory. We work with our clients every day, on every aspect of their effort. We focus our combined skills and experience to develop a strategy and implement a plan that works for you. As your campaign grows and evolves we work with you, looking at field data, polls, phone responses and media to analyze the political environment and adjust the message and/or tactical approach as much or as little as needed. We believe that our mission is to be a partner in your success, and we work every day to make that success real.

It takes a little more time and effort on our end, but it works. And most importantly, it wins.

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