Our work

Our campaigns win because we cover all the bases, from every angle, to give you the edge you need. From eye-catching creative media to cutting-edge field operations, Red Horse Strategies has won over a dozen national awards in direct mail, field, media and GOTV by providing superior services that make the difference for your campaign.

Campaign Oversight
From a campaign's inception to Election Day, we are in-depth planners who develop and execute a comprehensive plan to win. As general consultants, we use data and targeting to maximize your operation's efficiency while driving a message to our key target audience. Most importantly, we get down into the nitty-gritty of campaign operations, creating metrics to track our progress. We work with you on a daily basis to make sure every component is seamlessly driving toward your success.

Issue Advocacy
When you need to educate, activate, and mobilize voters around a key issue, no one knows how to bring the heat like Red Horse Strategies. On the ground, online, and in the air, we know how to drive public opinion and win the debate. Elected officials can’t ignore grassroots pressure. RHS creates smartly targeted campaigns to change hearts and minds, and compel voters to make their voices heard. We work with you to determine the right targets for action, the right voters to contact, and the right path for engagement. From in-the-streets organizing, to mail, TV, and sophisticated digital and social media campaigns, we make sure that your issue is being heard by the people elected officials fear most – the voters.
Television and Radio
We live in a time of media overload, where all messaging needs to capture voters’ attention before they have the chance to flip channels or fast forward. We believe in the strength of compelling imagery and engaging narratives that give people a reason to keep watching or listening—and stand out from the clutter.
My Name Is Maria
Newark’s Still Hurting
We’re Sticking With Carrie
Unsafe Unequal Unfair
Votando Por Biden
The Corruption Caucus
Out in the Cold
Monster Truck
A piece of direct mail has two seconds to get a voter’s attention. At RHS, our writers and designers create eye-catching content to make sure your mail stands out in a mailbox and gets read. We steer clear of cookie-cutter ideas, and we personalize our message—telling your story through emotionally resonant media.
Every day, more and more of our social engagement takes place online, from our home to the office to our mobile phones. Engaging in smart digital campaigns necessitates targeting an audience based not just on where they are, but also who they are. In the short-attention span of the digital world, our eye-catching artwork and animation, humor, and provocative messages engage voters before they scroll down or swipe away.
Grassroots Engagement
Nobody does field better than Red Horse Strategies. Through multi-tiered organizing and GOTV programs, our grassroots outreach touches on voters’ hopes and concerns, effectively persuading and earning their support. We integrate door-to-door canvassing, phone programs, letter writing, events and more with aggressive data capture into complete field campaigns that often make the difference between winning and losing.